About us

At EMA Aesthetics we believe that life is an art and everything we do embraces that art. Our approach is avant-garde designed to challenge the statusquo.

We listened to today’s bold beauties share who they are and what they want from a skincare brand.

Inspired by their stories, we brought this most cherished ingredient into the lab to create innovative skincare formulations that are packed with power and backed by science.

The origins of

Bold Beauty, Powered By Science.

By EMA Aesthetics

Préime is pronounced ‘pre-may’ and is an adaptation of the Gaelic word préimhe, meaning premium.

While the name is derived from the Gaelic language, its history and future reach around the globe.

The name Préime represents high quality, high value and premium results.
Bold Beauty, Powered By Science.

Bold beauty reaches beyond classic beauty to embrace and celebrate all expressions of beauty. Préime creates advanced science-based skin and body care products that achieve unmatched results, ultimately bestowing the freedom to stand in one’s own power.


Préime products are created using the latest innovations in skincare science, designed to achieve the reflection you want to see in the mirror and enable you to put your best face forward.

Préime Portfolio

Focused on combination therapy, the Préime Portfolio is designed to enhance aesthetic procedures.